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July 14, 2011

Fifth Wheel Lubrication is a Messy Business

Most of the grease that you squirt or squeegee on to the fifth wheel is either peeled off on the front of the trailer or it squishes out between the upper coupler and the fifth wheel plate. Either way, it drops on the tractor frame or the trailer crossmembers and finally falls on the parking lot or the highway. The remaining lube washes off from road spray and then you have to put more grease on again.

Do the math: The grease plunked on America's fifth wheels every year adds up to 40 million pounds, or a thousand truckloads of grease that slips and drips its way on to the ground.

And where does it go? Ultimately into the ground water.

Apart from the personal concerns about the mess on the truck and trailer, we have an environmental responsibility to lube the fifth wheel sparingly but adequately. And do it at about 3,000-mile intervals.

Castrol has a 5th wheel grease in an 8 ounce package – just the right size for a lube. And truckers report there’s a Lucas oil product that works well.

But take a look at UltraLube 5th Wheel Trailer Grease. It comes in a small “Smash Pack” that you slip between the tractor and trailer after dropping the landing legs and pulling forward just far enough to clear the king pin. Air down.the tractor suspension, pop in the package, and then air back up again under the trailer. Finally slide back into the pin. The package disintegrates and the lube is distributed over the fifth wheel. Simple.

That'll save mess, fuss and, more importantly, money.

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