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August 19, 2011

The Lowest of the Low

The easy way to establish this blog was to go through a Google site. The bonus, I thought was to get the occasional Google ad. To date this has made me $1.50 in six weeks. These ads appear as if by magic. I have no control and if, when I posted the Ram 3500 story, I was pleased to get a Dodge ad, was that so bad? Do I look professional, or what?

But today I was horrified to see an ambulance-chasing lawyer ad on my own website.

These people are the scum of the earth and I cannot possibly countenance working with a web hosting organization that would accommodate ads from these people. They make millions from the suffering of clients by going after whomever has the deep pockets. They enrich no one but themselves. Their clients see almost nothing of the settlements. All they do is endanger my readers with frivolous and expensive lawsuits. They cost the consumer millions, they make business perilous and they denigrate an industry that is the backbone of the American economy. They are the lowest of the low and I will have nothing to do with them or any organization that promotes their agenda.

So we are moving. Not sure how just yet, but I have been talking with Jim Mele at Fleet Owner about combining my efforts with the blogs on the Fleet Owner website. So we’ll be making the blog available at Fleet Owner and also still through

And to be honest, Fleet Owner has been a competitor of mine over the years. A good competitor. If my shingle hangs over there, I am happy – nay proud – to have it do so.

And we can block these detestable ads from money grubbing lawyers that just seek to destroy our industry, an industry that every day goes the extra mile to be safe and the most reliable and responsible contributor to the American economy.

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