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December 2, 2011

"Shipping Wars" to debut in January

Another trucking reality series is set to air in January 2012. In an announcement at the A&E website on December 1, the channel said the 10-episode 30-minute shows would debut January 10 at 9 pm and be immediately followed at 9:30 by the follow-up show. The theme of this series is a competition between six owner-operators who bid for freight that regular freight haulers don’t want to touch or can’t handle.
“Each episode of ‘Shipping Wars’ dives into the cutthroat world of heavy-duty movers as they battle for the chance to transport the unshippable,” according to the announcement. “The competition begins with uShip, the world’s largest online auction house for independent truckers. Every day, thousands of shipments are put up for auction. The battle is fierce as the movers have only minutes to bid, and the lowest bidder gets the load.”

The somewhat breathless announcement almost certainly promises an equally breathless series of shows with the most improbable situations and over-reactions of the participants, the hallmark of “reality” shows.

The promo talks of oversize loads and bulky packages and truly bizarre freight and incorrectly refers to the truckers as “shippers.” Oh well, that apart, it will be interesting to see how trucking’s image appears in the series. It could come off well. But then, as it’s a freight auction site where the truckers bid, these are the lowest bidders. Not a good thing for the industry as a whole.

“The high-stakes race is on as they set out to deliver the loads in time, and any setback can cost big bucks”, the announcement says. Well, they got that part right!

Here’s what the announcement says about the main players:
·                     From rookie haulers to seasoned veterans, no shipment is too big for these professionals to handle. Marc Springer has been shipping less than a year but he clearly has a knack for the business. He always manages to keep his 18-wheel tractor trailer full, and looks for nothing but the biggest, baddest loads he can find.
·                     Rookie Jennifer Brennan may be new to the shipping world, but she's about as tough and competitive as they come. She began her career transporting farm animals across the country, but her typical shipments have expanded to be just about anything from a water buffalo to a million-dollar Ferrari.
·                     Jarrett Joyce has only been in the business for a few months, but he's never one to shy away from a unique load. He's shipped everything from kittens to a hot dog stand to a Civil War cannon.
·                     Know-it-all Roy Garber has two years of experience under his belt. A serious handyman, he's never found a load he couldn't tackle, and this determination has made him one of the top earners in the country.
·                     Veteran shippers Scott and Suzanne Bawcom may seem like your typical suburban couple, but they are anything but ordinary. A former bomb squad specialist, Scott spent his pre-shipping days diffusing bombs in Iraq for the Marines, and he's not the kind of guy to run away from a challenge. For the Bawcoms, shipping is a family business. While Scott hauls shipments across the country, Suzanne bids and books loads constantly.

While these are the main characters, in the background is uShip, an Internet-based freight consolidator that posts loads available daily. Created in 2004, the website ( claims to be “the world’s largest and most trusted transportation marketplace.”

I wonder what Transcore thinks of the claim?


  1. Transporting the "unshippable" has always been the feat of large-scale shipping companies in European countries. I would be very interested to see that happen in our roads here in the US with the trucking industry at the forefront.

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