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July 26, 2012

Shell SuperRigs: Super Show and Top Charity Event

Each event SuperRigs outdoes the previous year’s event with new faces and new trucks, or old faces with new and improved trucks. And Todd and Beth Roccapriore's entry in the name of driver John O’Keefe was just such a truck, an all-new themed dump truck that was totally different from the Peterbilt they swept the boards with two years ago at the SuperRigs in Lexington, VA.

As always with the Shell Rotella SuperRigs, truckers from all over the United States and Canada win nearly $30,000 in prize money plus packages from Shell and Speedco. This year support for the 'All Roads Lead to Joplin' rebuilding project made it a charity event, as well as a chance to show off some absolutely outstanding iron and vie for a chance to be included in the 2013 SuperRigs calendar.