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December 7, 2015

Edgy Volvo Videos Continue

This one you should see. Go to Look Who’s Driving – 4 year old Sophie at YouTube. As Transport Topics says, mayhem ensues.

Search Look who’s driving feat, 4-year-old Sophie. Or go to https://youtube/7kx67NnuSd0

The premise: Take a remote-guided 8x4 dump truck and let a 4-year-old drive it with a remote control and see what happens. 

What happens is the truck wades through a lake, rolls down a levee and finally drives through a building, all proving that the Volvo is an all-but-indestructible truck.

Almost as ridiculous are the disclaimers at the end. They missed ‘do not try this at home’ but the others are equally fatuous.

It’s a bit of fun and it does illustrate the toughness and integrity of the latest generation of cabover Volvo trucks. But it argues strongly for NOT letting 4-year-olds drive trucks – remotely or otherwise.

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